The Art Stuff


Traditional or Digital?
BOTH! Traditional is more my forte but I’ve migrated to digital for efficiency.

What tools do you use?
Mechanical pencil on Bristol board, Copic pens and markers, Photoshop CC, Clip Studio Paint, Wacom Cintiq 22″ HD touch, & Microsoft Surface Pro

How long does it typically take you to do a page?
Fully rendered, color illustrations can take up to 3-4 days.



How do I book you for shows?

If you’re interested in booking myself and Ash Maczko for shows shoot us an email at

Do you take commissions?
Yes. I prefer to do them at comic conventions so people can pick them up at the show. Occasionally I will take commissions from my home office but those tend to take longer due to my regular work schedule.

How much do commissions cost?
It depends. At shows, commissions start out at $150 for a black and white sketch. The price varies depending on my workload, detail of the commission, and medium used.

Do you do preshow commissions?
Typically no. While preshow commissions are a great thing I never seem to have time to do them before a show. Just get to my table early and we can set something up at the show. 🙂

I bought a bunch of your books, how do I get them signed?

First of all, thank you! Occasionally Ash and I will be invited to in-store signings. You could ask your local comic shop nicely to bring us out there. As usual, we sign books at conventions. Signatures are free but we do accept donations.


Work for Hire


I have an idea for a comic and your style would fit perfectly. Do you do interior art pages?
I’m flattered that people have been reaching out to me for sequential art pages but I must decline 98.999% of these opportunities. As an indie creator myself, I encourage you to follow your dreams and I do appreciate that you had me in mind for your idea. The reality is, I am far too busy to take on interior art for comics outside of personal projects.

Do you do cover illustrations?

Cover illustrations are becoming my specialty! If you’re interested in having me illustrate a book cover (yes, I can do literature books as well) please shoot me an email at I would love to hear from you.

Do you do card/video game art?
I do! I have!! Some of my work was featured in Fantasy Flights Android: Netrunner series. Same as the cover illustrations, just shoot me an email so we can talk details.

What interests you?

I would love to do more cinematic illustrations. Things for scrolling cut scenes, production art, book illustrations, things like that. I have a degree in video game design and I am a huge fan of animation.